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2015's Annual Report

The 2015 Annual Report of the CRR has recently been published. In summary the year was particularly rich in events, especially with the inauguration of the extension and the celebrations for the Clinic's 15th anniversary, which launched the year perfectly.

This document presents information on the institution's history, the development of its services, the scientific activities as well as the main figures for 2015. The accommodation capacity has gradually increased from 110 to 145 beds. Finally, the Clinic has reached an occupation level of  84.1 % and is host to 1'179 patients, for 44’533 overnight stays. In addition to this, 7'090 patients were treated by the out-patients department, a record  since the opening of the Clinic.

The extension has permitted an even better capacity to answer to the patients' needs, to our partners' expectations, especially the insurance companies and hospitals.

Check out the 2015 Annual Report here

Key figures for 2015

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