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2017 : the year of « consolidation »

the past year has confirmed the great results of the previous year, with a level of bed occupation at the Clinique romande de réadaptation (CRR) at 95.1%. In fact, the Clinic was host to 1'347 patients for a total of 50'328 hospitalisation days. Whatsmore, we also care for 7'400 out-patients.

The 2017 yearly report of the CRR is hot off the press. This document presents information concerning the day -to-day running of the institution, the development of its services, the research activities as well as key figures. 2017 was, for example, marked by the Suva's new strategy to strengthen the CRR's position within the rehabilitation field.

Numerous events took place in 2017, proof of the CRR's dynamic and professional approach, without forgetting the 1st edition of the ParaRomandie and the RTS' broadcast of the « Caravane FM ».



Yearly report 2017

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