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2021 annual report : the CRR have achieved two records

Online since 13.05.2022
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As in the previous year, the year 2021 was greatly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. This situation and the resulting restrictions did not prevent our institution from experiencing an exceptional year in terms of activity, whether regarding the inpatient or outpatient services.

In 2021, the CRR achieved two all-time records since its opening in 1999, with 53,531 days of hospitalisation and 8,586 outpatients. This situation demonstrates that the Clinic offers services that meet the demands of the care network and the expectations of its patients. With an average occupancy rate of 101.1%, activity was very intense throughout the year, with the health situation complicating matters even more.
At the financial level, after the deficit recorded in 2020 due to the effects of the pandemic, the result has now been balanced, with a profit of CHF 3,000. However, the very high level of activity did not allow us to record a better result, mainly due to the drop in average turnover per day of hospitalisation due to the reduction in inpatient rates and the costs generated by the management of the pandemic.
You can find all the information concerning the financial year 2021 in our annual report, which can be consulted at any time and in an interactive way on www.crr-suva.ch/ra

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Isabelle Gessler 

Managing Director a. i. 

Dr Gilles Rivier 

Medical Managing Director


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