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Become a volunterr at the CRR

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Do you have certain compentences to share ? The Clinique romande de réadaptation proposes that you offer them to its patients.

The commitment of accompanying volunteers is an essential complement to the work carried out by the medical, nursing and therapeutic staff at the CRR. They contribute to the well-being of patients and their families by creating important links through support adapted to each situation.

Being a volunteer caregiver at the CRR means donating your time, committing yourself to providing a quality service to patients with all the necessary thoroughness and training to achieve this. The CRR offers the opportunity to experience a rich human experience in a supervised environment that is also conducive to personal development. The skills acquired are attested to at the end of the assignment.

Who are our patients

Following a serious accident or illness, people of all ages may be hospitalised at the CRR with significant injuries, requiring lengthy convalescence and rehabilitation.

Patients follow a daily therapeutic programme. However, they have time to themselves in the evenings and at weekends. Not all patients have a close circle of family and friends, some live a long way from the CRR, and others find that their loved ones are exhausted, which is why it is important to provide support tailored to each situation.

What activities are provided ?

Chatting over coffee, reading, playing games, going for walks and outings in accordance with medical advice, listening, or any other activity adapted to the patient; each accompaniment is unique and planned according to the situation encountered. The accompaniments are also adapted to your wishes and dispositions.

What skills are required ?

Ability to listen, adaptability, openness to others, kindness, understanding of illness and disability, motivation and dynamism.

Are you interested ?

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