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Brain Week Video Conference

Online since 08.03.2021
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Every year, 22,000 Swiss people suffer some form of brain injury. From one day to the next, their lives, and those of their loved ones, are turned upside down.

The aim of Brain Week is to inform and raise awareness on this topic through conferences for the general public. This year the conferences take place online from the 15th to the 18th of March 2021. The Clinique romande de réadaptation is participating in the 2021 edition organised by the Hôpital du Valais. Jean-Luc Turlan (head of the neurology department), Andreas Mühl (associate doctor of the neurology department) and Luc Feider (psychiatrist) are presenting an evening of talks on Thursday the 18th of March on the subject of "Brain Injury (Stroke, Head Trauma): Surviving and then living...". Patients are also invited to give their testimonies.

Please find here a link to follow, in your own time, all the conferences  www.hopitalvs.ch/cerveau

No one is exempt from suffering brain injury

According to the World Health Organization, brain injury is the leading cause of adult disability worldwide. Brain injury is often sudden and abrupt. The most common causes are strokes, head injuries, brain hemorrhages and diseases such as tumours and meningitis. This diversity of causes means that regardless of age or lifestyle, everyone can be affected. The consequences of a brain injury are often irreversible and differ considerably from person to person. Some consequences are visible, such as paralysis, mobility or balance problems. Others are invisible, such as memory problems, learning difficulties, difficulties in orientation, concentration and emotional management. In an instant, independent people full of plans find themselves forced to rethink their entire life.


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