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Change in the management of the CRR

Online since 29.04.2022
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The Clinique romande de réadaptation (CRR) is about to undergo major changes in its management over the coming months.

First of all, Jean-Raphaël Kurmann, the first managing director to date, is leaving his position at the end of April. As of the 1st of May, Isabelle Gessler, the current Head of Human Resources and Deputy Managing Director, is taking over the management ad interim. In parallel with these changes, the Suva has launched a new governance project for its two clinics in Sion and Bellikon (AG).

25 years at the head of the CRR

Appointed in 1997, about two and a half years before the opening of the CRR, Jean-Raphaël Kurmann has been its very first Managing Director to date. At the time of his appointment, the construction of the Clinic had barely begun and everything had to be done to prepare for its opening in September 1999. Under his leadership, the CRR quickly became a leader in the field of rehabilitation in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and has steadily conntinued to develop its services. We can highlight that during these 25 years, the number of employees has increased from 150 to more than 400, the annual operating budget has risen from 24 to 60 million francs and that several extensions have been necessary, mainly the construction of the vocational rehabilitation workshops in 2003 and a new 40-bed building in 2015.

After 32 years of hospital management, including 25 at the head of the CRR, Jean-Raphaël Kurmann is leaving the institution at the end of April 2022: "I have decided to shift in a new and unknown direction, to make room for other forces and to devote myself to other missions. I have had the honour and pleasure of leading this fine institution for all these years. It has been an exciting and intense adventure, and I am proud to have fulfilled the task entrusted to me and to have achieved something great and lasting. The experience, both human and professional, has been unforgettable. I have been fortunate to work with wonderful people who are totally committed to the CRR and to the welfare of our patients. I leave with great faith in the future of the CRR. Our facility has worked very well for over 20 years and will continue to meet the growing need for rehabilitation services in the healthcare field."

Mr Daniel Roscher, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sion and Bellikon clinics: "On behalf of the Suva and the Board of Directors, I would like to thank Jean-Raphaël Kurmann for his unwavering commitment, his great professionalism and his constant kindness during his 25 years at the service of the Clinique romande de réadaptation. He was a unifying and constructive Managing Director. Under his leadership, the CRR has acquired its position as a leader in rehabilitation in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and it now has all the assets to face the future. I would also like to thank Isabelle Gessler for agreeing to take over the interim management and I wish her every success in her new responsibilities.

Interim management until December

As of the 1st of May, Isabelle Gessler, Head of Human Resources since 1999 and Deputy Managing Director, is taking over the management ad interim until the 31st of December 2022. The medical management is to remain under the responsibility of Dr Gilles Rivier, Medical Director since 2010. In the coming months, the redefinition of the governance of Suva's clinics will be finalised. Indeed, Suva, owner of the CRR in Sion (VS) and of another rehabilitation clinic in Bellikon (AG), has launched a reorganisation of the governance of its clinics. The aim is to further strengthen its position in the rehabilitation sector. The main objectives of this development are to improve the exploitation of synergies between the two clinics, to promote the harmonisation of structures and to establish an overall strategic management.

A CEO for both Suva clinics

As a first step in this evolution of the clinics' governance, Gianni Roberto Rossi is taking up his position as joint CEO for both clinics on the 1st of July. As the current CEO of the Suva clinic in Bellikon, he is very familiar with the challenges facing the clinics of Switzerland's leading accident insurer. His main roles are to represent the clinics at national level, to develop the strategic orientation of the clinics as decided by the Board of Directors and to ensure that the legal requirement for the clinics' financial autonomy from Suva is met. However, the two sites of Sion and Bellikon are to remain independent and are to be managed by a local management with a high level of operational autonomy, which, in addition to the administrative and medical representatives, is to include an aspect regarding patient care.

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