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The CRR is committed to paying fair salaries

Online since 20.04.2021
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In 2019, the Federal Council changed the Equality Act to better enforce equal pay in companies with more than 100 employees

The Clinique romande de réadaptation (CRR) therefore commissioned Perinnova, a company specialising in salary management, to carry out an analysis. The objective was to find out the situation regarding equal pay, in order to verify whether the principle of "equal pay for work of equal value", which has been stipulated in the Federal Constitution since 1981, is respected. The Clinic has always ensured that it pays equal pay for equal or comparable work with similar experience, skills and professional responsibilities, regardless of whether the work is done by a woman or a man.

Technically, this means that the gender discrimination coefficient should ideally be 0%. The Confederation awards the "We Pay Fair" label to companies with a coefficient of less than 5%. The CRR obtained very satisfactory results with a discrimination coefficient of 3.09%, which confirms that the present situation was already satisfactory.

At this stage, Perinnova concluded that there is no particular corrective action to be taken on an overall level. However, the clinic has already carried out a more precise analysis and highlighted potential individual situations that warrant improvement. These have been adapted as of April 2021.

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