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Coronavirus : how has it effected the health of elite sporstsmen/women?

Online since 10.11.2020
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The day-to-day routine of elite sports men and women has been turned completely upside down by the present pandemic situation. How does this effect training and the health situation of athletes ?

Over the past few weeks, sports news has been marked more by quarantines, interruptions or returns to training than by competitions and results. Are athletes at risk ? How should this period be managed by sports clubs ? Can the sporting events calendar be maintained ? What are the psychological effects? How to plan a post quarantine training program ? 

The Nouvelliste and Rhône FM attempt to answer to these questions in collaboration with specialists from the Clinique romande de réadaptation, Dr Pierre-Etienne Fournier, head of the sports medicine department, and Michaël Duc, training specialist. 

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