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The health programe « Placebo », a tribute to the CRR

The CRR takes an extremely important place in the programme « Placebo » of the 10th of May 2016.

The fact is that, the regional channel of Neuchâtel, Canal Alpha, has dedicated a documentary as part as its health programme to the topic of rehabilitation. The canton of Neuchâtel is right in the middle of re-organizing its site at the HNE (Neuchâtel Hospital). In this context, the project which has been retained at this stage is to build a rehabilitation clinic in the Chaux-de-Fonds, and an intensive care department in Neuchâtel.

After the State Advisor Laurent Kurth's visit last February, a team from Canal Alpha showed interest in the CRR, in order to present the topic of rehabilitation. This interest confirms that the Clinic is a reference in the French speaking part of Switzerland in this domain.

You can watch the programme below :

If you have problems watching the film, click here

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