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An innovation for patient safety

Online since 20.10.2021
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The CRR has developed a secure, computerised process for the distribution of medication.

According to a report on the quality of care commissioned by the Federal Office of Public Health and published in November 2019, between 8% and 15% of patients experience an adverse drug event while in hospital. Although this rate is lower at the CRR with 3%, reducing the risk of medication errors has been a priority for the medical management for several years.

In 2020, a pilot project was carried out with a few patients in the paraplegia department using innovative technology to secure the preparation, distribution and monitoring of medication. Small cameras that photograph the trays, QR codes, patients' wristbands and a mobile application allow for live reading of medication and distribution to the right patients. The test was very successful and this innovative method has been extended to the whole paraplegia department in 2021. The process will be progressively extended to the neurology and traumatology departments in the coming months.

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