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The link between rehabilitation and clinical research

Online since 17.02.2021
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Over the years, research and rehabilitation have become inseparable. One example is the Clinique Romande de Réadaptation (CRR).

For the CRR, research has quickly become an important part of the overall approach promoted by the institution. Whether it be for the quality control of services or the enhancement of care, research has become an essential element in the field of rehabilitation.

Compétence H+ Hospital Forum, is a specialist magazine for employees and staff working in hospitals, clinics and care institutions. It focuses on the link between clinical research and rehabilitation. To do so, the magazine met key people within the CRR: Dr Gilles Rivier, Medical Director, PD Dr François Luthi, Head of the Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Department and Bertrand Léger, PhD, Head of the Medical Quality Control and Research Department.

The various research projects carried out at the CRR are very important for the care of patients, as confirmed by Dr François Luthi :

« The results have the advantage of being directly applicable. Furthermore, this research allows us to acquire new knowledge and to remain at the forefront of treatments. This is an essential factor in maintaining our attractiveness to patients and specialised staff. » 

In all circumstances, this field has a bright future at the CRR, particularly in the context of the development of collaborations with the EPFL, which is also present and active in their health division in Sion, particularly at the CRR.

A big tankyou to the journalist Madame Marie-Claire Chamot for this interesting and high quality  report which you can read below.


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