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NEW at the CRR ! Telemedecine by visioconference.

Online since 30.09.2020
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From autumn onwards, a weekly session of telemedicine via visioconference will be available.

After nearly 10 years at the service of its patients, the interdisciplinary staff of the CRR which is dedicated to specialized consultations concerning « Wounds and Healing » is expanding its range of services to answer to the needs of patients, doctors and carers in the field. These consultation sessions will be reserved for the follow up of patients with reduced mobility and should make it possible to optimize the sometimes laborious logistics, as well as facilitate the work carried out by family GPs, health professionals from the medico-social centres or the medico-social institutions as well as independent health carers. 

The initial evaluation is made at the CRR during a face-to-face consultation. Then, the follow-up consultation can be carried out via visioconferences with a secure system from the CRR and will allow :

  • The evaluation of wounds and analysis of delayed healing factors. 
  • The development of a care protocol. 
  • The putting in place of a global and transdisciplinary care strategy.  
  • The coordination of further investigations and follow up with external parties (Family GP, local home nursing network).  
  • Contribution to therapeutic education for the patient and his/her family and friends. 
  • The participation, if necessary of other specialists from the CRR. 

Instructions to connect to the visioconference platform are given when making an appointment. 

You can fin all the information concerning these specialized consultations here « Wounds and Healing ».  

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