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Trail running : more and more, longer and longer

Online since 21.09.2018
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There are more and more trail running competitions and they are becoming more and more popular, but they are also getting longer and longer.

How does this impact health issues and preparation ? Check out some of the answers in the radio program « Zone mixte » broadcasted by Rhône FM, dedicated to Swisspeaks Trails (www.swisspeaks.ch where they talk about a trail of 360km), and in the question of the day of the Nouvelliste.

Radio program « Zone mixte » broadcasted by Rhône FM

with the participation of Dr Yan Eggel, sports physician of the CRR.

Ecouter l'émission sur le site de Rhône FM


Question of the day in the Nouvelliste

Michaël Duc, coordinateur of the sports medicine department of the CRR  


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