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The CRR is widening its network

Online since 22.03.2021
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In order to improve the follow-up of its patients after a rehabilitation stay, the Clinique romande de réadaptation (CRR) has launched two decentralised pilot projects.

Rehabilitation is a global approach that integrates medical and therapeutic, social, family and professional aspects. Thanks to its interdisciplinary approach and its high level of specialisation, the CRR is the leader in this field in French-speaking Switzerland. 

An optimisation of care

In the current context and in line with the Suva's strategic vision of favouring outpatient treatment over inpatient treatment whenever possible, the CRR has started to develop a decentralized care network. The aim is to offer Suva insured patients a treatment facility close to their place of work or home, in order to optimise therapy and social and professional reintegration. In the rehabilitation process, the return home after a stay in hospital is a decisive moment. Indeed, the patient goes from an environment where the follow-up is daily with an intensive programme, especially at the therapeutic level, to a situation where the follow-up is less regular. In a desire to constantly improve its services and support for its patients, the Clinic offers coordinated care with partners located close to the place of residence of the persons concerned. 

Two partners for a pilot project

The chosen solution is to partner with existing medical/therapeutic centres. The preferred partners will be those whose outpatient services are an advantageous complement to those provided during stays at the CRR. To begin with, the CRR has concluded a partnership with two centres in order to test the concept: for the Geneva region with the Clinique de Maisonneuve and for the Nord Vaudois with the Centre médical de Réhabilitation et de Physiothérapie des Bains d'Yverdon. The main objective is the coordinated follow-up of patients until they return to work, also in collaboration with the Suva case managers. After a trial period, the CRR will evaluate the possibilities of expanding similar partnerships in other regions of French-speaking Switzerland.
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