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20 years and 100'000 patients

It was on 09.09.1999, at 9h99 (10h39). So 20 years ago that the Clinique romande de réadaptation (CRR) was inaugurated. Like a symbol, as we celebrate the 20th anniversary, the CRR welcomes its 100'000th patient.

A constant development

What a long way we have come since the opening. 20 years that the Clinic welcomes, cares for and listens to the needs of its patients in the filds of orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation, as well as paraglegia. 20 ans which have seen an incredible evolution and led to the CRR becoming a leader in the field of cutting rehabilitation in the French speaking part of Switzerland. Two figures allow us to illustrate this development :

  • the number of staff has increased from 150 to over 400 today (of the one hundred and fifty collaborators present in September 99, forty-four are still working here today)

  • over 100'000 patients have been cared for, of which 20’492 for a in-patient rehabilitation program and nearly 80'000 out-patients.

The CRR is therefore a key player here in the French speaking part of Switzerland in the field of rehabilitation and a supplier of medico-therapeutic services which perfectly integrates it within the regional health system, whether it be through its specialized consultation centre or through its therapeutic treatments.

20 years, deserves a celebration !

To celebrate this jubilee, various events are taking place throughout the year.

A book of souvenirs

In this digital era, it is maybe no longer very trendy to publish a book. However, as only written prose remains and as this milestone represents  whole generation, it was decided to edit a book re-tracing the Clinique romande de réadaptation's story, from its creation to today. This book is to be presented on November 14th 2019, on the occasion of the official 20th anniversary event which takes place during the Salon Planète Santé (exhibition), at the CERM in Martigny.

The sculpture of hope

The « Phare de l’Espoir » is an original idea proposed by the artist Pascal Bettex through  participatory funding to which the Clinic has contributed. This kinetic sculpture « Tinguely style » has been created with the objective of keeping a 'sustainable' souvenir of 20 years in this institution. It is made up of objects reflecting the world of handicap which has permitted to make a link between rehabilitation and a message of hope and reassurance to patients and visitors alike. The sculpture can be seen since March at the Clinic's cafeteria.


A brand new visual identity

Since the beginning of the year, the Clinic is using a new visual identity, more modern and compatible with the corporate image of its sister clinic in Bellikon (AG). In fact, the visual identity allows us to keep and reinforce our position and to give a welcome touch of freshness. The original name of the Clinique romande de réadaptation remains and appears on the « base line » of the logo. The visual puts forward the « CRR » and Sion, allowing us to strengthen the identity of the Clinic and its location


Various events

A particular celebration and a festive meal for our patients, a celebratory party for our staff, presence at the 180 degrés and the Planète Santé exhibitions open to the public, as well as the hosting of the Swiss congress for Physical Medicine and rehabilitation, those are the highpoints of this year 2019, because 20 years, deserves a celebration !  


To celebrate its 20th anniversary of the CRR, six video capsules have been produced to allow viewres to learn about this institution and understand its aims. To be available over the next few weeks.

Episode 1 - The beginning of the CRR

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Episode 2 - A rehabilitation clinic, what is it?

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Episode 3 - The various stages

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Episode 4 - The specialities of the CRR

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Episode 5 - Professional re-integration

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Episode 6 - 20 years and after

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Article which appeared in the newspaper "Le Nouvelliste" on June 12th 1999

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