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2013 - Publications

  1. Faiss R, Leger B, Vesin JM, Fournier PE, Eggel Y, Deriaz O, Millet GP : Significant molecular and systemic adaptations after repeated sprint training in hypoxiaPLoS One 2013 8(2):e56522.

  2. Favre C, Bizzini L : La supervision, une co-constructionPsychoscope 2013 7, 16-19.

  3. Fournier PESports at the 3rd and 4th ages: What do we currently know?[Sport aux 3e et 4e âges: qu'en savons-nous actuellement?] Rev Med Suisse 2013 9(371):237.

  4. Grübler G, Al-Khodairy A, Leeb R, Pisotta I, Riccio A, Rohm M, Hildt E : Psychosocial and Ethical Aspects in Non-Invasive EEG-Based BCI Research-A Survey Among BCI Users and BCI ProfessionalsNeuroethics 2013:1-13.

  5. Hilfiker R, Vaney C, Gattlen B, Meichtry A, Deriaz O, Lugon-Moulin V, Anchisi-Bellwald AM, Palaci C, Foinant D, Terrier PLocal dynamic stability as a responsive index for the evaluation of rehabilitation effect on fall risk in patients with multiple sclerosis: a longitudinal studyBMC research notes 2013 6:260.

  6. Konzelmann M, Deriaz O, Luthi FDiagnosis of partial complex regional pain syndrome type 1 of the hand: retrospective study of 16 cases and literature reviewBMC neurology 2013 13:28.

  7. Leeb R, Perdikis S, Tonin L, Biasiucci A, Tavella M, Creatura M, Molina A, Al-Khodairy A, Carlson T, Millan JD : Transferring brain-computer interfaces beyond the laboratory: successful application control for motor-disabled usersArtificial intelligence in medicine 2013 59(2):121-132.

  8. Opsommer E, Hilfiker R, Raval-Roland B, Crombez G, Rivier GTest-retest reliability of the Orebro Musculoskeletal Pain Screening Questionnaire and the Situational Pain Scale in patients with chronic low back painSwiss medical weekly 2013 143:w13903.

  9. Rochat L, Beni C, Annoni JM, Vuadens P, Van der Linden M : How inhibition relates to impulsivity after moderate to severe traumatic brain injuryJournal of the International Neuropsychological Society: JINS 2013, 19(8):890-898.

  10. Terrier P, Deriaz O Non-linear dynamics of human locomotion: effects of rhythmic auditory cueing on local dynamic stability. Frontiers in physiology2013, 4:230.

  11. Terrier P, Luthi F, Deriaz O Do orthopaedic shoes improve local dynamic stability of gait? An observational study in patients with chronic foot and ankle injuriesBMC musculoskeletal disorders 2013, 14:94.

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