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At mealtimes, it is with great pleasure that we invite you to the restaurant. A wide choice of dishes is available. If your health situation requires special dietary needs, we can provide meals adapted to your needs.

Three main meals are included in the daily allowance paid by your insurance cover. Any additional purchases must be paid with your prepaid card.

Restaurant opening times

From Monday to Friday


7h – 8h30


11h45 – 12h30


17h30 – 18h


Saturday, Sunday and holidays


8h – 8h45


11h45 – 12h15


17h30 – 18h

You can also make the most of our lovely cafeteria every day. You can find a wide choice of sandwiches and numerous drinks as well as newsagent articles.


Cafeteria opening times

From Monday to Thursday

8h – 19h


8h – 18h30

Saturday and Sunday

11h – 18h30



Fourchette verte (green fork)

The CRR has been awarded this quality label which involves providing meals which are both delicious and healthy guaranteeing the daily proposition of a dish which is varied, healthy and balanced.


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