The Clinic's management style is extremely client/patient orientated. With constant improvements in services provided and the search for excellence in mind, the Clinic puts a lot of importance into gaining and maintaining labels and certifications.

ISO «Healthmark!»

The Clinic has officially chosen a system of quality management, with the ISO 9001 : 2015 standard label « Healthmark » (system of quality specific to healthcare) as reference. 
The Clinic has been certified according to its requirements since 2003.

Swiss Olympic Medical Center

This label was awarded by the Swiss Olympic Association to the sports medicine department of the Clinique romande de réadaptation SuvaCare. This partnership has permitted our institution to become a privileged interlocutor for elite athletes on a national and regional level including juniors as well as for leisure sportsmen/women.
Our services include providing medical care to athletes (sports trauma medicine) whether it be with re-education (physiotherapy) programmes or with performance diagnostic and planning of tailor-made training programmes.

European Board of Physical and Rehabilitation Médicine

The Clinic has also been designated as an official training centre by the European Board of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine since 23.03.2001.
For further information concerning the European Board www.euro-prm.org.

FMH Recognition

The Clinic boasts several FMH recognitions as a post-graduate training establishment.
Here you can find further information.

SAKR Recognition

The cardiovascular rehabilitation out-patients centre CHVR-CRR boasts recognition from the SAKR (Schweizer Arbeitsgruppe für kardiale Rehabilitation) as a training centre for physiotherapists and sports instructors involved in the organisation of adapted sporting activities, in the prevention and cardiovascular rehabilitation fields

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