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Treatments and therapy

In the rehabilitation stage, each patient has particular needs. Our multidisciplinary offer permits a global and personal approach.

Nursing care

Care providers are an essential link in the interdisciplinary chain. They play an extremely important support role for both the patients and their loved ones. They help them find the necessary resources in order to reach their objectives and accompany them towards a return to every day life. They...


The physiotherapy department is characterised by the fact that it takes patients into care from the early stages of rehabilitation through to the professional re-integration stage.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy aims at improving the skills, the capacities and the functions which make up the basis of all competences.

Neuropsychology and speech therapy

Neuropsychology studies the links between the brain, mental functions and behaviour. Brain damage (following an accident or a stroke, for example) can lead to dysfunctions such as memory or concentration problems, speech problems, unusual behaviour, etc...

Music therapy

Music therapy is a therapy which uses sounds and music as a means of expression and communication. It re-establishes and reinforces the patients' resources by re-activating or by stimulating their potential.

Social services

The social services of the clinique romande de réadaptation offers advice , support and psycho-social follow-up to patients and their families. This help is personalised and is given with the respect for autonomie and confidentiality in mind.

Entertainment and leisure activities

Located in the patients' daytime rooms, the entertainments and leisure activities department is an independent therapy structure, available to patients staying at the Clinic in order to improve their progression.
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