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Musculoskeletal system Rehabilitation

The musculoskeletal system rehabilitation department looks after functional re-education and rehabilitation of all deficiencies and incapacities of the musculoskeletal system.

Neurological rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation treats patients presenting deficiencies, incapacities or disabilities caused by an ailment of either the central or peripheral nervous system.

Paraplegic and tetraplegic rehabilitation

This department is the only paraplegic rehabilitation service in the French speaking part of Switzerland. It cares for patients presenting low or high medullary damage: loss of use of their legs (tetraplegic loss of use of all four limbs) following an illness or accident and needing rehabilitation, a follow-up or care in the case where a complication has occurred.

Professional rehabilitation

The professional rehabilitation department takes patients into care extremely quickly in order to foresee a return to work via new training or reorientation and by participating in various workshops.

Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

The cardiovascular rehabilitation outpatient centre offers a rehabilitation programme which fulfils the quality requirements defined by the Swiss Working Group for Cardiovascular Rehabilitation (‘groupe suisse de travail pour la réadaptation cardiovasculaire’, G.S.R.C.).

Assessment and consultation centre

The policy of the assessment department is to quickly and efficiently detect and care for cases recommended by the Suva. The main objective of this centre is to establish within 6 to 12 weeks following the trauma what the resulting damage is and what medical care will be efficient in leading to recovery.

Centre valaisan vertige et équilibre

Cette prestation s'adresse aux patient-e-s présentant un vertige et/ou des troubles d'équilibre.

Swiss Olympic Medical Center

The sports trauma medicine unit has been operational since the Clinique romande de réadaptation (CRR) was opened in 1999, under the management of its previous Medical Managing Director Prof. Charles Gobelet, a true pioneer in the field of sports trauma medicine in Switzerland.

Psychosomatic medicine

The psychosomatic department offers services centred on the psychological dimension of the person suffering as well as the relationship care provider-patient. The head physician of the department (psychiatrist-psychotherapist) is assisted by executing doctors and clinical psychologists.

Treatments and therapy

In the rehabilitation stage, each patient has particular needs. Our multidisciplinary offer permits a global and personal approach.

Medico-technical Department

For both in and out-patient the Clinic has two workshops which create prosthesis, orthotics or other auxiliary means.
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