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Swiss Olympic Medical Center

The sports trauma medicine unit has been operational since the Clinique romande de réadaptation (CRR) was opened in 1999, under the management of its previous Medical Managing Director Prof. Charles Gobelet, a true pioneer in the field of sports trauma medicine in Switzerland.

The « Swiss Olympic Medical Centers » are centres specialised in taking care of all elite sportsmen/women from juniors to regional and national levels (sport trauma, medical and sports checkups, laboratory testing, performance diagnostics and training advice).

Being awarded this label means being recognised for the development being made in this medical field within our establishsment, mainly in the domains of  sports trauma, of physiotherapy and of performance diagnostics.


The CRR offers the following services

Sport to stay healthy

Regular exercise leads to both good physical and psychological health. This is why the staff from the Swiss Olympic Medical Center at the Clinique romande de réadaptation accompanies and guides you in your sporting activities.
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Online training

You cannot do your favourite sport as you usually do? Our staff of experts proposes an innovative and practical way to train in an optimal manner at distance.
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Sports medicine consultation

Our experience in sports medicine allows us to find an appropriate solution to each situation. Our main objectives target both prevention and the treatment of injuries to the musculoskeletal system as well as the establishment of rehabilitation programmes in order to help a return to sporting activities.

Performance diagnostic

Performance diagnostics is the first step in planning an appropriate sports training programme whether it be in the domain of high level performance sports or simply for a healthy physical activity. Last cry technical equipment permits a complete and precise diagnostic in different domains such as endurance, strength or speed.

Sports & health advice centre

On the basis of diverse physical condition tests carried out in our laboratory, training advice can be given to our clients. On request, training plans can also be drawn up. Our centre and its expertise in the sports medicine field is also open to physiotherapy and physical education students, being trained by universities and universities of applied sciences. Regular collaboration is established with Swiss Olympic for training trainers and coaches. In addition to this, regular interventions are organised in domains linked to physical activity and health and on the basis of the Confederation's policy for sport.

Sport psychology consultation

In addition to an appropriate physical preparation, the mental and psychological aspects are becoming more and more important in the life of athletes.In fact, during competitions, their performances are often influenced by these mental aspects. Topics like stress and emotions management, post-injury or poor performance confidence building, as well as mental coaching in preparation of important competitions can also be tackled.
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A team of experts at your service

Dr Pierre-Etienne Fournier

Head of department

Specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine, FMH

Sports trauma medicine SSMS

Dr Michel Fédou

Specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine, FMH

Dr Chantal Plomb

Specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine, FMH 

Sports trauma medicine SSMS


Dr Gil Pires Rodrigues

Specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine

Sports trauma medicine SSMS 

Ultrasonography SSUM, FMH

Dr Jérôme Tirefort

Specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine, FMH



Tel. +41 27 603 21 87   || 

Trade partners

The Swiss Olympic Medical Center has concluded various partnerships in the Professional and sporting fields. This sign of faith from our partner institutions delights us and motivates us to provide high quality services.


    The Swiss Customs Corps

    The Cantonal Police Force (Valais)

    Forêt Valais

    Service de la formation professionelle du canton du Valais (Professional training service)

    (for the referees)

    Swiss Basketball (for the referees)

    (for the referees)

    Helios Basketball




    Pack Endurance 1


    Pack Endurance 2

    • Effort test* effort VO2 with lactatemia +training advice
    • Body composition measurements Bod Pod 


    • Test* levels of lactatemia + training advice
    • Body composition measurements Bod Pod

    299.- CHF 


    249.- CHF 

    Pack Health assessment


    Pack Team Sports 

    • Consultation with a sports physician
    • ECG at rest
    • Blood tests
    • Body composition measurements Bod Pod
    • Test levels of lactatemia + training advice


    • Measurements strength-vertical leap with power platform
    • Speed measurements with Witty system
    • Endurance test  VMA (30-15 IFT)  


    595.- CHF 


    350.- CHF 

    Laboratory Tests  (endurance and body composition)

    Endurance test* VO2 with lactatemia + training advice

    270.- CHF

     Levels of lactatemia test* + training advice

    215.- CHF

    Body composition measurements Bod Pod

    55.- CHF

    Anthropometry (BodPod) + simple blood tests (Hct + Hb)

    65.- CHF

    ECG at rest

    55.- CHF

    Tests on the terrain (endurance)

    Test* of effort VMA (30-15 IFT)

    160.- CHF

    Effort test*  VO2 with lactatemia

    270.- CHF

    Test* levels of lactatemia

    215.- CHF

    Tests for strength-speed-power (in laboratory and on the terrain)

    Measurements of strength-vertical leap with power platform

    160.- CHF

    Measurements of ratio strength-speed-power Myotest

    110.- CHF

    Measurements of speed with the Optojump sxstem

    110.- CHF

    Services and training advice

    Monthly training plan (endurance sports and general physical preparation)

    + access to a platform on-line

    130.- CHF

    / month 

    (more than 4 months) 

    Monthly training plan (endurance sports and general physical preparation)

    + access to a platform on-line

    150.- CHF

    / month 

    (from 1 to 3 months) 

    Training session 60’

    110.- CHF

    60’ session in a hypoxic chamber

    (for participants having done the endurance pack + ECG) 

    110.- CHF

    Consultation in sport's psychology 60’

    120.- CHF

    In-house intervention for companies / clubs

    on request

    Note : All prices are inclusive of VAT

    * For people over 35 years, the effort test is carried out following an ECG at rest (complementary cost of 50.-) or on presentation of a certificate proving no counter indication for sporting activities.


    For consultations in the sports medicine department : +41 27 603 21 87 


    Information and appointments regarding a performance evaluation or advice on how to carry out a sport : +41 27 603 24 80


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