Benefits for CRR staff members

The salary benefits presented here are provided to employees of the Rehabilitation Clinic in Sion who are subject to a contract governed by the Regulations on Working Conditions (RCT). Additional benefits are optional benefits provided by the company to staff in addition to their salary. Some supplementary benefits are subject to special conditions.

Benefits and services

  • Pension fund
The Suva pension fund is governed by the defined contribution principle and aims to protect staff and their families against the economic consequences of old age, disability and death. As part of the promotion of home ownership, employees can finance the purchase of a principal residence with their pension capital.

  • Health insurance
The employer pays half of the compulsory contractual premium via the Suva group contract. Family members (including cohabitants) can also join the group contract.
  • Accident insurance
The employer pays the full premium for non-occupational accident insurance and half the premium for complementary insurance.

  • Salary continuity and daily sickness or accident benefit
Full salary is paid for 12 months (as long as the employment relationship is maintained). Thereafter, the daily allowance is paid up to 80% of the previous salary and half the premium is paid by the employer.

  • Childbirth of wife/partner - adoption
Female staff members are entitled to 16 weeks' paid maternity leave. In case of adoption, the paid leave is 8 weeks.

Financial benefits

  • Mortgage loans
Preferential conditions when buying one's own home (rates below market rates).

  • Staff restaurant
Subsidized meals in the staff restaurant.

  • Reka checks
    20% discount for CHF 1,000 in Reka checks per calendar year.
  • Car park
Free parking space.

  • Holidays
A minimum of five weeks' holiday, six weeks from age 50.

  • Public holidays
Number of public holidays higher than the Valaisan "standard".

  • Birthday day-off
    Day off for each employee's birthday
  • Use of business mobile phones for private purposes
    Staff members who need a business mobile phone in the course of their work may use it to a reasonable extent for private purposes.
  • Staff assistance programme
Staff and their relatives living in the same household can receive free professional help and advice from an employee assistance programme. This external institution operates a 24-hour hotline 365 days a year. The employee advisory service is available in German, French, Italian and English

  • Internal and external training and further development
The CRR contributes financially to the ongoing training of its employees in the various professional fields present in the institution. A wide range of internal and external training courses for the development of professional and personal skills enables employees to increase and strengthen their know-how and their social, methodological and personal skills.

  • Access to sports facilities
The CRR participates in promoting the health of its employees by offering them the possibility to use its sports facilities (gym and swimming pool) outside of therapy hours. The physiotherapy department can, on request, draw up training programmes for each individual.

  • Staff Association
Discount offers in local shops, organisation of outings and evenings subsidised by the management. On presentation of the AP membership card: 10% discount on insurance for motor vehicles (third party liability, comprehensive, occupants), buildings (third party liability/property), household (third party liability/property), valuables and computers in accordance with Suva's agreement with a national insurer (Allianz or Vaudoise).

Social security

  • Support for external childcare
Suva makes a financial contribution to out-of-home childcare. In order to receive this aid, both parents must be in employment and the care must be recognised. 
  • Development of social relationships and corporate culture
The development of social interaction and corporate culture within Suva is supported each year by a financial contribution to company and divisional events organized for the benefit of employees. The company also organises sports and leisure events, such as the annual football tournament. 
  • Access to the Sport & Health Assessment Centre tests
Preferential prices: 25% discount on all performance diagnostics and items sold in the department (dietary supplements, cardio-frequency meters, etc.).

Quality of life

  • Loyalty bonuses and anniversary of service
In recognition of their loyalty, employees receive additional holiday days. The loyalty bonus can also be taken in financial form.

  • Child benefit
Eligible employees receive a child allowance of CHF 275 per month until the child reaches the age of 16. The vocational training allowance of CHF 425 per month is paid from the age of 16 until the end of the child's education, but not beyond the age of 25. A supplement of CHF 100 per child may be paid from the third child onwards.

  • Birth/adoption bonus
A one-off allowance of CHF 2000 is paid on the occasion of the birth or adoption of a child.

  • Reward for extraordinary performance
Employees who have performed a special task may be rewarded with an exceptional bonus.

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