Rehabilitation, according to the definition given by the World Health Organisation (1968), is: « a process aimed at enabling patients to reach and maintain their optimal physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological and social functional levels. Rehabilitation provides disabled people with the tools they need to attain independence and self-determination.»

It is with this in mind that the Suva created the Clinique romande de réadaptation (rehabilitation clinic). It is located in the outskirts of Sion, capital of the Valais, right next to the hospital and the 'Institut Central des Hôpitaux Valaisans'. Its total surface is of 34'000 m2 and over 350 collaborators work there.

The sunny and mild climate, the beauty of the surrounding mountains, the closeness to the town and the diverse tracks on site permit the patients to increase their activities in function with their renewed capacities.

The Suva also has a clinic in the German speaking part of Switzerland, in Bellikon.


Number of beds


Number of rooms


Size of the rooms

40 m2

Equipment in the rooms

TV, private wash sink, shower, WC, balcony, division communal & private

In February 2015, the Clinique inaugurated a brand new extension to celebrate its 15th anniversary. Here you can find all the information regarding this extension

Key figures 2021


CHF 58.7 million

Number of beds 




Number of patients hospitalised


Number of days (hospitalisation)


Patients hospitalised, insured by Suva


Patients hospitalised, insured by LAMAL


Patients hospitalised, other insurance


Average stay

42.5 days

Average age of patients

47.4 yrs

How many out-patient


Out-patient turnover

CHF 11.9 million,of which 20 %  of the total

Average EPT (full time equivalent )


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