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Wounds and healing

Numerous patients whose chronic and complex wounds jeopardise their daily lives on both a functional and quality of life basis. Opened in 2012,the outpatient counselling has already proved its worth as an institutional project allowing interdisciplinary thinking to find optimal solutions to this problem.

Aim of the consultation

  • Putting current knowledge and technological innovations to work for the benefit of the patient (skin substitutes, adjunctive cell stimulation therapies) while following the international recommendation regarding complex wounds.
  • To exchange the practices of experts coming from various backgrounds.
  • Create a network for the exchange of knowledge, promote new developments and strengthen the training of paramedical staff.
  • To create a partnership with Valaisan institutions and the wound care network throughout the French speaking part of Switzerland.
  • Contribute to the setting up of a working group for multidisciplinary expertise on complex wounds in collaboration with specialists from the Hôpital du Valais.
  • To promote clinical research for new medical solutions for the prevention and treatment of wounds.

Practical objectives resulting from this

  • Assessment of wounds and analysis of delayed healing factors.
  • Drawing up a care protocol.
  • Implementation of a global and transdisciplinary care strategy.
  • Coordination of complementary investigations and follow-up with all those externally concerned (family doctor, local nursing network).
  • Contribution to the therapeutic education of the patient and his or her family and friends.

The consultation provides you with a competent team, a "wound module" computer support allowing optimal traceability of all the stages of care and care protocols in the form of files to be distributed to external care providers.

A team at your disposal

In order to look after yo in the best conditions, our consultation centre is made up of a team of specialists:
  • an associate doctor, specialist in general internal medicine
  • a nurse specialized in the treatment of wounds
  • 2 nurses.
We also work in close collaboration with various departments within the Clinic, for example :
  • orthopaedic shoe makers
  • orthopaedic technicians
  • neurologists.

Telemedecine by visioconference

In order to better meet the needs of patients with wounds as well as healthcare professionals in the field, the CRR has decided to set up weekly telemedicine consultations by videoconference as of autumn 2020. 

These will be reserved for the follow-up of patients with reduced mobility and should make it possible to optimise the sometimes laborious logistics, as well as facilitate the work of family doctors, health professionals in medical-social centres or establishments, as well as independent carers 

For further information.

Opening Times 

From Monday to Friday:

08h00 - 12h00 / 14h00 - 17h00


Appointment for a consultation

Tel. 027 603 20 50

Out-patient nurse care

Tel. 027 603 22 05 (06)

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