Each staff member of the Clinique romande de réadaptation seeks, by his or her direct or indirect intervention, and in a spirit of multidisciplinarity, to promote the active participation of the patient in all areas of life.

Why choose the CRR ?

We are proud to have a modern policy regarding human resources.

We : 

  • are grateful to our employees and reward them in a modern and fair way, based on their function, performance, behaviour and the achievement of objectives.
  • support flexible working time models and teleworking. 
  • respect and support the reconciliation of work and private life. 
  • offer the opportunity to perform special tasks to those with special skills. 
  • promote the development of high potential employees through targeted programmes.
  • give employees the opportunity to prove themselves in tasks and projects that require a certain amount of extra effort. 
  • encourage flexible solutions at the end of a career (including retirement).
  • do not tolerate any violation of privacy, such as sexual, psychological (mobbing) or managerial (bossing) discrimination and harassment.

Finally, employees with health problems or disabilities are welcomed and considered on an equal basis.


En 2021, la CRR a reçu le prix de « Top employeur » décerné par la société Mecon, leader du marché des enquêtes auprès des collaborateurs dans la Santé suisse.


Our charter


Each staff member of the Clinique romande de réadaptation seeks, through his or her direct or indirect intervention, and in a spirit of multidisciplinarity, to promote the active participation of the patient in all areas of life.


Professional ethics, mutual respect, loyalty, thoughtfulness and a culture of patient safety guide every employee in this mission.


Through a global approach and constant evaluation, each employee is committed to achieving and maintaining a high level of performance, with the aim of consolidating and developing a leading position for the clinic in the field of rehabilitation.

Various fields of activity

Medical staff

  • physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • inpatient medicine
  • rheumatology
  • paraplegia
  • sports medicine
  • neurology
  • orthopaedics
  • psychiatry

Research staff

  • biologists
  • mathematicians
  • engineers in bio-engineering

Therapies and patient support

  • physiotherapists
  • ergotherapists
  • neuropsychologists
  • psychologists
  • adapted physical activity instructor (APA)
  • speech tharapists
  • musicotherapists
  • social assistants
  • socio-cultural instructors
  • sports instructors
  • swimming pool supervisors

Care providers

  • specialized nurses
  • nurses
  • ASSC 
  • nursing assistants
  • hospital assistants
  • pharmacy assistants
  • spiritual assistants
  • dieticians
  • peer-counselor 

Administration et logistics

  • personal assistants
  • receptionists
  • medical secretaries
  • accountants
  • cooks
  • kitchen staff
  • IT technicians
  • administrative assistants
  • technical staff
  • security staff
  • cafeteria staff
  • laundry staff
  • marketing staff
  • HR assistants
  • invoice administrative staff
  • quality managers
  • administrative staff
  • personal assistants to management

Technical workshops

  • orthopeadic technicians
  • orthopeadic shoe makers

Professional rehabilitation

  • socio-professional coaches
  • psychologists OSP

We offer

1. Salary

  • Highly competitive salary level in comparison with the regional market
  • Payroll deductions for social charges lower than existing hospital practices 
  • Half of the health insurance premium paid by the employer for permanent contracts
  • Significant employer participation in the pension fund

2. Holidays

  • 5 weeks, 6 weeks from the age of 50
  • Day-off on birthday
  • Possibility of unpaid leave
  • Number of public holidays higher than the cantonal norm in Valais

3. Social benefits

  • Financial contribution to external childcare
  • 16 weeks maternity leave with 100% of salary
  • Subsidized company restaurant
  • Free access to the swimming pool and fitness centre 
  • Employee Assistance Scheme (ICAS)
  • Staff Association 

4. On-going training

We identify employees with potential and promote their development. We support their efforts to remain competitive in the labour market.

  • Extensive opportunities for further training
  • FCertified training courses with partial or full cost coverage (e.g. CAS practitioner trainer, CAS team management), CAS manual therapy, CAS We acknowledge our employees and reward them in a modern way on the basis of their function, performance, behaviour and achievement of objectives.)
  • Targeted programmes: opportunity to prove oneself in challenging tasks and projects
  • multidisciplinarity

5. Promoting good health

We promote and maintain the good health and work capacity of our employees. We actively incorporate new findings in the field of corporate health management and implement them in our company.

  • Vaccinations offered against flu and hepatitis
  • Prevention campaigns in collaboration with Suva (e.g. bike to work) 

6. Other advantages

  • Discount on Reka checks
  • Free parking
  • Supply of professional clothing
  • Medical assistance abroad
  • Salary continuity during the first year in case of incapacity to work
  • Preferential mortgage rates.
  • Excellent accident insurance cover (including repatriation from abroad, on-site assistance abroad in the event of an accident, etc.)
  • Discounts on insurance policies and a selection of shops for members of the Staff Association
  • Opportunities for flexible working hours and teleworking
  • Loyalty bonuses and years of service anniversaries


« Working for the CRR, a leading clinic in my home canton, to strengthen and develop the care of paraplegic and tetraplegic patients in French-speaking Switzerland, is a very interesting and motivating challenge. » 

Dr Xavier Jordan, head of the paraplegia department (at the CRR since september 2014) 

« Having worked for the CRR since its opening, I have been fortunate to see a constant improvement in the functioning of the clinic and our physiotherapy department. I still appreciate the multidisciplinary work, the well-structured organisation, the means at our disposal and the internal and external ongoing training that allows us to work with proven and effective concepts and techniques, in order to achieve the best result for the reintegration, independence and quality of life of our patients. » 

Claudia Duperrier, physiotherapist (at the CRR since 1999) 

« My work at the CRR allows me to work in a modern environment with attractive opportunities for further training. In addition, the fact that I can work in a multidisciplinary team to optimise the chances of vocational rehabilitation for our patients is motivating and rewarding. » 

Frédéric Devanthéry, socio-professional instructor coordinator (at the CRR since October 2011) 

« Having worked in tourism for a long time, what attracted me to the CRR was the challenge of discovering a new sector of activity and working for a clinic with a good image and a strong reputation. The quality of the services provided and the constant evolution of our institution are very stimulating. » 

Beat Eggel, Marketing and Communication Manager (at the CRR since April 2013) 

« As an orthopaedic technician at the CRR, I have the pleasure of exercising my profession in a multidisciplinary environment. This collaboration allows us to customize and adapt our patients' fittings. Due to the diversity and complexity of our patients' physical problems, the work is varied and stimulating. It requires continuous adaptation.» 

Laetitia Guinault, oethapeadic technician (at the CRR since March 2012)

Key figures 2020

Number of employees (average headcount) (in full-time equivalents)


Operating expenses

CHF 55.8 millions

Number of built m2 



145 lits

Average duration

42.5 jours

Number of patients hospitalized per year


Suva patients' origin

   - Valais

35.0 %

   - Vaud

28.0 %

   - Fribourg

13.6 %

   - Geneva

7.3 %

   - Neuchâtel

5.7 %

   - Berne

1.7 %

   - Jura

1.0 %

   - Other

0.7 %

Types of cases

   - Suva

65.18 %


6.56 %

   - LAMal

28.26 %

Number of out-patients per year


Vacant positions

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