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A breathtaking special offer !

Following a spring of semi-confinement, the sunny days are back...
It is time to test your endurance in order to enjoy your natural surroundings without running out of breath !

Therapies in the swimming pool are back on schedule

A report realised at the CRR by a TV crew from Sport Dimanche was dedicated to the advantages of swimming pool therapy sessions.

Information for our visitors

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we invite you to read this information before visiting one of our patients. Thank you.

Running, the CRR is your perfect partner.

If on one hand, running is one of the easiest sports to do, on the other, a good and thorough preparation is very important.

2019, a colourful jubilee year at the CRR

2019 was a milestone year for the Clinique romande de réadaptation (CRR), in terms of both history and results obtained as well as its organization.

Football and the coronavirus – individual training sessions and the injury risks when starting again

How to train and how to take competition back up in the Super League ?

Coronavirus : now more than ever is the time to move

The period which we are living through must not mean inactivity. Regular physical activity is a good remedy for both good physical and psychological health.

Amateur athletes and concussion

Frequent during leisure activities, concussion is still very badly identified.

Backstage at the CRR

The RTS program Couleurs Locales dedicated one of its reports « Backstage at ... » to the Clinique romande de réadaptation (CRR).

The Importance of Strength

A specialist in sports medicine from the CRR gives some useful advice on strength training.

New Internet site

From now onwards, the Clinique romande de réadaptation proposes you to discover its new internet site.

Easy navigation, modern design and sobriety were the key words for the conception of this new platform.

Four pieces of advice to avoid injury

Two experts from the CRR talk about how to avoid injuries.
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