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2014 - Publications

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  5. Le Carré J, Lamon S, Léger B. Validation of a multiplex reverse transcription and pre-amplification method using TaqMan® MicroRNA assays. Frontiers in Genetics 2014 5:413.
  6. Luthi F, Dériaz O, Vuistiner P, Burrus C, Hilfiker R. Predicting Non Return to Work after Orthopaedic Trauma: the Wallis Occupational Rehabilitation RisK (WORRK) model. PloS One 2014 9(4) : e94268.
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  10. Reynard F, Vuadens P, Dériaz O, Terrier P. Could Local Dynamic Stability Serve as an Early Predictor of Falls in Patients with Moderate Neurological Gait Disorders? A Reliability and Comparison Study in Healthy Individuals and in Patients with Paresis of the Lower Extremities. PLoS One 2014 9(6) : e100550.
  11. Rivier G. Comment prévenir l’invalidité dans le mal de dos ? Rev Med Suisse 2014 10(415) : 250. 
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