2014 - Publications

  1. Bouri M, Abdi E, Bleuler H, Reynard F, Deriaz O : Lower Limbs Robotic Rehabilitation Case Study with Clinical Trials. New Trends in Medical and Service Robots 2014 (pp. 31-44). Springer International Publishing.
  2. Faiss R, von Orelli C, Dériaz O, Millet GP : Responses to Exercise in Normobaric Hypoxia : Comparison Between Elite and Recreational Ski-Mountaineers. Int J Sports Physiol Perform 2014 9(6) : 978-984.
  3. Fournier PE. Commotions cérébrales et sport : trop souvent méconnues. Rev Med Suisse 2014 10 : 1457-60.
  4. Genolet R. Impact de l’équilibre sur le contrôle moteur du membre supérieur. Main libre 2014 8 : 301-307.
  5. Le Carré J, Lamon S, Léger B. Validation of a multiplex reverse transcription and pre-amplification method using TaqMan® MicroRNA assays. Frontiers in Genetics 2014 5:413.
  6. Luthi F, Dériaz O, Vuistiner P, Burrus C, Hilfiker R. Predicting Non Return to Work after Orthopaedic Trauma: the Wallis Occupational Rehabilitation RisK (WORRK) model. PloS One 2014 9(4) : e94268.
  7. Luthi F, Konzelmann M. Le syndrome douloureux régional complexe (algodystrophie) sous toutes ses formes. Rev Med Suisse 2014 10(415) : 271-2.
  8. Praz C, Léger B, Kayser B. Energy expenditure of extreme competitive mountaineering skiing. Eur J Appl Physiol 2014 114(10) : 2201-11.
  9. Reynard F, Terrier P. Local dynamic stability of treadmill walking: Intrasession and week-to-week repeatability. Journal of biomechanics 2014 47(1) : 74-80.
  10. Reynard F, Vuadens P, Dériaz O, Terrier P. Could Local Dynamic Stability Serve as an Early Predictor of Falls in Patients with Moderate Neurological Gait Disorders? A Reliability and Comparison Study in Healthy Individuals and in Patients with Paresis of the Lower Extremities. PLoS One 2014 9(6) : e100550.
  11. Rivier G. Comment prévenir l’invalidité dans le mal de dos ? Rev Med Suisse 2014 10(415) : 250. 
  12. Terrier P, Reynard F : To What Extent Does Not Wearing Shoes Affect the Local Dynamic Stability of Walking? Effect Size and Intrasession Repeatability. Journal of applied biomechanics 2014 30 (2): 305-309.
  13. Vuadens P, Mühl A, Kuntzer T. Maintien des capacités des myopathes ou l’art de prescrire l’exercice physique. Rev Med Suisse 2014 10: 958-961. 

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