2016 - Publications

1. Azouvi P, Vallat-Azouvi C, Joseph PA, Meulemans T, Bertola C, Le Gall D, Bellmann A, Roussel M, Coyette F, Krier M, Franconie C, Bindschadler C; Diouf M, Godefroy O, the GREFEX Study Group (Groupe de Reflexion sur l’Evaluation des Fonctions Executives).  | Executive functions deficits after severe traumatic brain injury: the GREFEX Study. | Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation 2016, 31(3): E10-E20.

2. Descloux V, Maurer R.  | Assessing Mental Imagery to Evaluate Topographical Disorientation: Group Study and Preliminary Normative Data. | Applied Neuropsychology: Adult 2016, 23(1): 1-10.

3. Hilfiker R, Knutti I, Raval-Roland B, Rivier G, Crombez G, Opsommer E. Validity and responsiveness of the French version of the Örebro Musculoskeletal Pain Screening Questionnaire in chronic low back pain. European Spine Journal 2016, 25(9): 2741-2749.

4. Brinkhof MWG, Al-Khodairy A, Eriks-Hoogland I, Fekete C, Hinrichs T, Georgiadis M, Meier S, Scheel- Sailer A, Schubert M, Reinhardt JD Health conditions in people with spinal cord injury: Contemporary evidence from a population-based community survey in Switzerland. | Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine 2016, 48: 197-209.

5. Favre C  « J’ai mal, je ne peux plus faire » : quels sont les obstacles face aux activités quotidiennes et comment les dépasser ? | Douleurs Evaluation — Diagnostic — Traitement 2016, 17 : 72-76.

6. Praz C, Fasel B, Vuistiner P, Aminiam K, Kayser B. | Optimal slopes and speeds in uphill ski mountaineering - a field study. | European Journal of Applied Physiology 2016, 116(10): 2017-2024.

7. Praz C, Fasel B, Vuistiner P, Aminian K, Kayser B.  | Optimal slopes and speeds in ski mountaineering: a laboratory study. | European Journal of Applied Physiology 2016, 116(5): 1011–1019.

8. Prodinger B, Ballert CS, Brach M, Brinkhof MWG, Cieza A, Hug K, Jordan X, Post MWM, Scheel-Sailer A, Schubert M, Tennant A, Stucki G. | Toward standardized reporting for a cohort study on functioning: The Swiss Spinal Cord Injury cohort study. | Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine 2016, 48: 189-196.

9. Rossano C, Terrier P. | Visually-guided gait training in paretic patients during the first rehabilitation phase: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. | Trials 2016, 17(1) : 523.

10. Terrier P.  Fractal Fluctuations in Human Walking: Comparison between Auditory and Visually Guided Stepping. | Annals of Biomedical Engineering 2016, 44(9): 2785–2793.

11. Wolfensberger A, Vuistiner P, Konzelmann M, Plomb-Holmes C., Léger B. Luthi F. Psychosocial Factors Affect Clinician-based As Well As Patientreported Outcomes In Chronic Shoulder Pain Patients. | Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research 2016, 474: 2030–2039.

12. Pichonnaz C, Milliet J, Farron A, Luthi F. Mise au point sur la rééducation après chirurgie de la coiffe des rotateurs de l’épaule. | Revue Médicale Suisse 2016, 12 : 1278-1283 

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