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2020 - Présentations

  1. Duc M, Duong HP, Rapillard A, Quennoz G, Eggel Y, Vuistiner P, Léger B, Fournier PE. Relation between body composition and maximum oxygen uptake in Swiss athletes. Virtual Congrès du European College of Sport Science
  2. Reynard F, Quellet F, Eichenberger M, Vuistiner P, Leger B, Mühl A. HOLSTER : an upper-limb support to improve gait symmetry. virtual SOFMER
  3. M. Bachelard, P. Vuistiner, B. Léger, F. LuthiIs the pain phenotype more severe when comparing neuropathic and nociceptive pain components in patients with orthopaedic trauma? virtual SOFMER
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