1000 patients and recognition for the CRR and the CHVR

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The out-patients cardiovascular rehabilitation centre of the Clinique romande de réadaptation (CRR) and of the Centre Hospitalier du Valais Romand (CHVR) will soon welcome its 1000th patient. As this limit is achieved, the centre has been recognised as a specialized training centre.

 1000 patients since 2009 

The out-patients cardiovascular rehabilitation program has existed in this form since 2009. It was born thanks to a cooperation between the cardiology department of the CHVR and the CRR to replace the already existing program. This very successful collaboration has become a reference throughout the French speaking part of Switzerland and allows to optimize both establishments' specialties. The CRR puts its high quality equipment and infrastructure at disposal as well as specially trained physiotherapists, whereas the medical follow-up provided by the cardiology staff from the Hôpital de Sion.

Led by Dr Grégoire Girod, head-physician of the cardiology department of the CHVR, the staff is composed of 4 cardiology doctors, 8 physiotherapists specialized in cardiovascular rehabilitation, 1 sports instructor specialized in adapted physical activities, 7 nurses, 2 psychiatrists, 4 psychologists, 1 dietician and 1  medical biologist. The organisation and planning is carried out by  M. Jérôme De Bast, specialized physiotherapist at the CRR, and program coordinator.

After just over 7 years, the centre is about to welcome its 1000th patient, that is 150 people per year. This number is progressing quickly and could reach 200 to 250 patients a year, in order to answer to all the needs within the population of the Valais.

 A complete program

Rehabilitation is recomended in most cases of cadiovascular illnesses, for example following a heart attack,  an attery bypass, valve surgery, heart transplants or also in the cases of  chronic cardiac failure. The program lasts 10 weeks with 3 half-day sessions a week. It consists of 4 different levels of intensity and combines physical activities and theoretical teaching.

The physical program consist of about 70 hours of training in the gym and on fitness machines, exercises in the water, outdoor walking and relaxation sessions. The lessons regarding heart disease prevention are carried out in an interactive manner allowing for a change in certain habits and long-term adoption of a behaviour in favour of good health.



 Recognition as a « training centre »  

The services of the CRR and the CHVR are recognized by the 'Fondation suisse de cardiologie' and the 'Groupe Suisse de travail pour la Réadaptation Cardio-vasculaire'. This association also awards recognition for training programs. the cardiovascular rehabilitation out-patients centre has just received recognition as being a training centre for physiotherapists and sports instructors specialized in adapted physical activities, in the field of prevention and cardiovascular rehabilitation.

This highly demanding certification confirms the high level of quality of the services provided by the CRR and the cardiology department of the CHVR. It is yet one more positive example of this partnership working together for the benefit of the patients in the Valais.

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