Assessments for Suva and the Military Insurance

The activity of the Assessment and Expertise Centre is part of the policy of detection and early care of cases insured by Suva and the Military Insurance (AM). It is an multidisciplinary assessment involving somatic and psychiatric physicians, as well as other health professionals (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, neuropsychologists, nurses, occupational rehabilitation specialists).  The main objective is to establish a precise diagnosis within 3 to 6 months after a trauma, to determine the functional capacities, to analyse the different factors influencing possible limitations, to give a prognosis of the evolution of the health impairment, and to propose to the patient the most appropriate care to improve his or her quality of life and, if possible, to favour the return to his or her usual activities, including professional ones.

Contact and useful information

Tel. +41 27 603 20 51  

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