Music therapy

Music therapy is a therapy which uses sounds and music as a means of expression and communication. It re-establishes and reinforces the patients' resources by re-activating or by stimulating their potential.

This creative method favours spontaneousness, intuition and imagination. It gives access to the patient's own resources and to their creative skills. Music therapy is a global approach which involves body, senses, emotions as well as intellectual functions. It proposes means of communication that words cannot or can no longer express. No former musical knowledge is required.

At the 'Clinique Romande de Réadaptation'

The music therapy department of the CRR graduated from the 'école romande de musicothérapie' and has followed its training with a MAS at the music therapy clinic  Hochschule der Künste in Zürich.

All patients who stay in the CRR can take part in music therapy but especially patients with brain damage trauma. The specificity of the music therapy unit at the CRR is in fact that it is fully integrated within the neuropsychology department, which allows it to have close collaboration with the neuropsychologists and the speech therapists. In this way specific competences have been developed in the use of music therapy to improve cognitive functions. This approach benefits from the fact that music therapy uses different means  (hearing means instead of verbal), which feels less academic and controlled (exploitation of apraxia) and favours emotional aspects and relaxation.

With patients suffering from brain damage, music therapy aims at: improving moods, reducing anxiety, favouring the recovery of memory and attention span as well as space awareness and consciousness, reinforcing vocal and verbal expression, encouraging incitation, canalising agitation and behavioural problems, improving dynamics.

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