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Nursing care

Care providers are an essential link in the interdisciplinary chain. They play an extremely important support role for both the patients and their loved ones. They help them find the necessary resources in order to reach their objectives and accompany them towards a return to every day life. They constantly act in favour of each patient's autonomy and dignity.

The care department of the CRR is managed by a head nurse, shouldered by 4 executive nurses and a staff composed of specialists in the fields of  training, out-patient care, pharmacy, hygiene and patient follow-up.

Patients are hospitalised in one of these 4 departments :

  • Musculoskeletal system rehabilitation, which has 64 beds, from which we ensure a bio-psycho-social follow-up of autonome patients.
  • Neurology, with 32 beds. This department specialises in caring for patients having suffered from brain damage, strokes or other neurological pathologies..
  • Paraplegy, consisting of 16 beds to welcome patients with medullary damage(paraplegics and tetraplegics).
  • The traumatology department with counts for 16 beds for multiple trauma patients, burn victims and complex orphodedic problems (fractures, amputations,…).


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