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The team CRR-Suva wins the 'course de Noël'

En ligne depuis le 10.12.2018

To celebrate the Suva's 100th anniversary, the Suva in Sion and the 'Clinique romande de réadaptation (CRR)' joined forces to participate in the 50th edition of the 'course de Noël', in the « corporate » category.

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Nearly 40 people wore the Suva and the CRR's colours, showing a great example of how to practice regular physical activities. Cherry on the cake, the team won the  « corporate» category (3 best times recorded), beating the Police Cantonale and the HES-SO Valais.

For further information on the ranking visit : https://services.datasport.com/2018/lauf/sion/#Marke5

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