Technical Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (amputees)

The technical orthopaedic rehabilitation unit cares for patients subject to amputations of the foot, leg or arm no matter the cause (illnesses like diabetes, accident, birth malformation , tumours…).

Patients are hospitalised immediately after amputation and they benefit from interdisciplinary re-education techniques and the most up-to-date equipment. To do this, this unit collaborates closely with the technical orthopaedic workshop in the CRR, which makes all sorts of prostheses.

As amputations are always extremely traumatising experiences, this unit collaborates closely with all the other departments within the CRR, in particular with the psychosomatic department, the specialised wound consultant, and also the driving assessment department. If a change in professional activity is necessary, the patients are also given support by the professional workshops as soon as possible.

This unit also deals with the care of out-patient amputees who have stayed previously at the CRR. Each week, a meeting including specialised physicians and orthopaedic technicians takes place, in order to follow-up the global care programme of all the patients. Out-patients can also benefit from these meetings on request from the patients themselves or from their doctor. Standard assessments for the allocation of electronic robotised prostheses are made on demand by the insurance companies  (SUVA, LAA, AI…).

This unit is also active in clinical research for amputees. Since 2014, a collaboration with the EPFL has been running in this field.

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