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« Working for the CRR, a leading clinic in my home canton, to strengthen and develop the care of paraplegic and tetraplegic patients in French-speaking Switzerland, is a very interesting and motivating challenge. » 

Dr Xavier Jordan, head of the paraplegia department (at the CRR since september 2014) 

« Having worked for the CRR since its opening, I have been fortunate to see a constant improvement in the functioning of the clinic and our physiotherapy department. I still appreciate the multidisciplinary work, the well-structured organisation, the means at our disposal and the internal and external ongoing training that allows us to work with proven and effective concepts and techniques, in order to achieve the best result for the reintegration, independence and quality of life of our patients. » 

Claudia Duperrier, physiotherapist (at the CRR since 1999) 

« My work at the CRR allows me to work in a modern environment with attractive opportunities for further training. In addition, the fact that I can work in a multidisciplinary team to optimise the chances of vocational rehabilitation for our patients is motivating and rewarding. » 

Frédéric Devanthéry, socio-professional instructor coordinator (at the CRR since October 2011) 

« Having worked in tourism for a long time, what attracted me to the CRR was the challenge of discovering a new sector of activity and working for a clinic with a good image and a strong reputation. The quality of the services provided and the constant evolution of our institution are very stimulating. » 

Beat Eggel, Marketing and Communication Manager (at the CRR since April 2013) 

« As an orthopaedic technician at the CRR, I have the pleasure of exercising my profession in a multidisciplinary environment. This collaboration allows us to customize and adapt our patients' fittings. Due to the diversity and complexity of our patients' physical problems, the work is varied and stimulating. It requires continuous adaptation.» 

Laetitia Guinault, oethapeadic technician (at the CRR since March 2012)

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