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Theatre : "Le Prénom" played at the CRR

The troupe Zoo Théâtre, in which Dr Olivier Raccaud, a consulting doctor of the CRR, is a member, is playing on the 12th and 13th of April at 19h00 at the CRR.

A llittle taste...

Can we laugh at everythingt ? A huge question to which Vincent replies, convicingly, Yes!! Despite the exception of : himself. Anna his wife is expecting a baby. An evening spent with the family is expected to be joyful and happy. Thanks to Vincent the evening turns into a nightmare. Pierre, his oponent, is over the moon. Claude his best freind counts the points before dropping his little bomb.The wives , Babou and Anna, are exaceperated by such childish behaviour. Can we laugh at everything ? Apparently ,yes. The audience of this comedy are the living proof.


Useful information

  • Free entrance.
  • Free hat on the way out.
  • The show is also open to people outside the CRR.



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