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Dr Xavier Jordan's guest appearance on CQFD

Every Friday, the science program of the RTS la 1ère (Swiss National Radio) welcomes a personality working in the science or health domain.

On Friday the 31st of May,  Dr Xavier Jordan, head physician of the Paraplegia Department of the CRR was Anne Baecher and Stéphane Gabioud's special guest.

A one-hour interview to get to know the fields of paraplegia and tetraplegia and their difficulties : mobility, pain, spasticity, intestinal and urinary problems, lsex life, daily, etc. A rehabilitation stay at the CRR aims to restore the greatest possible autonomy to the people affected in order to improve their quality of life.  

Listen to the program here

Partie 1/4

Partie 2/4

Partie 3/4

Partie 4/4
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