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What is it?

We propose an individualized physical condition training modulable for a duration of 1 to 3 months, to :

  • train in function to personal objectives
  • optimize your winter preparation with endurance sessions and muscular strengthening
  • avoid injuries thanks to preventive exercises
  • have regular contacgt with your coach  and adapt the program if needed

Our programs can be fopllowed at home / outdoors.

Method ?

  • We use an application especially designed for the creation of individualized training sessions.
  • You receive every week, via the application a structured training plan in function with diverse parameters (main goals / physical condition / cycle training,...).  
  • You are never alone ! Regular contact with your specialized coach allows for optimal follow up.

How much does it cost ?



(for a maximum of 10 team-mates)

CHF 129.- / month

CHF 349.- / month

Our Ski-mountaineering staff

Grégory Quennoz MSc in sports scienceSpecialist in team sports (football, basketball, ...)

Pierre-Etienne Fournier | Sports Medicine SEMS | Head of Department


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