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Online training

You cannot do your favourite sport as you usually do?
Our staff of experts proposes an innovative and practical way to train in an optimal manner at distance.

You are a novice and would like to get fit, to lose some weight or participate in a specific sporting event : trail running, long distance running (5 km, 10 km, half-marathon, marathon,...), a cycling race, etc., the service "online training" is perfect for you. 
You are an advanced sportsman/woman and you would like to :
    • prepare for a specific sporting event
    • develop one or several aspects of your physical condition : strength, speed, endurance
    • be  ready for the championship when they begin again
    • enhance a return to competition following injury
Make the most of an individualized program which is adapted to your needs (initial level, physical profile, family and professional commitments, objectives,...) via an application dedicated to the creation of individualized training session, and regular exchanges with a specialized coach allowing for optimal follow up.  

Our over 10 years of experience in online training has proven itself to numeropus individual athletes. 

We support you in achieving your goals

Who is this for ?

Our staff of experts is trained in order to provide you, individual or team, amateur or confirmed athlete, with an online plan and training program for the following sports:  
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