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The programme CQFD of Thursday the 28th of March 2019 took place live from the CRR. The programme, entirely devoted to the Clinique romande de réadaptation, allowed a better understanding of the universe of rehabilitation, and a few of its specialities.

The topics addressed were :

  • Rahabilitation, what is it exactly?
  • Paraplegia
  • The collaboration CRR-EPFL for research
  • The rehabilitation of amputees
  • Professional rehabilitation

With the participation of : Dr Gilles Rivier, medical director of the Clinic, Xavier Jordan, head of the paraplegia department , Dr Aurélie Vouilloz, head of the musculoskeletal rehabilitation department, Dr Michel Fédou, head of the professional rehabilitation department, and Prof. Friedhelm Hummel, head of the chaire Defitech of the EPFL, located at the CRR.

CQFD ? What is it?

"CQFD" is a scientific and health orientated programme broadcasted by  La Première (Swiss national radio channel). Science helps us, allows us to move forward and helps us to understand the world which surrounds us. Health, on the other hand, worries us, makes us ask a lot of questions, facinates us. The staff of "CQFD" addresses interesting topics, decodes and explains the latest discoveries, illnesses and medical and scientific progress.

Listen to the programme here

If you have difficulties listening to the programme here click on the following link https://pages.rts.ch/la-1ere/programmes/cqfd/.

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