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Vertigo and balance deficiency centre in the Valais region

Resulting from a collaboration between the 'Hôpital du Valais' and the 'Clinique romande de réadaptation (CRR)', the vertigo and balance deficiency centre is aimed at helping patients suffering from vertigo and/or balance problems. Since autumn 2018 this department offers service that did not exist in the Valais until now.

First of all it offers an otoneurological report carried out by a ear, nose and throat specialist and a complete functional test of the inner-ear caried out by the otoneurological laboratory of the nose, ear and throat department of Sion hospital. Therapeutic care is then proposed by the CRR in Sion, by specialized physiotherapists and vestibular rehabilitation. The vertigo and balance dificiency centre proposes, in this way, to the population of the Valais, close-to-home consulations and an evaluation of the situation within a month.

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You can discover here an interview with Raphaëlle Genolet, physiotherapist at the CRR and Dr Bassel Hallak, surgeon from the ear, nose and throat department.

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