Support and advice given to the 'Patrouilleurs' (competitors of the PDG)

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Several weeks ago the 'patrouilleurs' began preparing for this legendary event known as the Patrouille des Glaciers. The Swiss Olympic Medical Center at the CRR is present as training advisor for these atletes.


Walking, running, specific strength training, and of course, ski touring are all part of the different training procedures which can be used in order to enhance your physical condition in view of this competition. From now on-wards, the challenge faced by the 'patrouilleurs' consists of finding the ideal dose of time to allocate to all these different activities.

 To live up to the expectations of this event

When setting out on a competition like the PDG, certain participants can fear that their capacities will not live up to expectations of the event, whether it be on the short or long course. To help them put the biggest chance of success on their side, they invest an enormous amount of time and energy into training and are always in search of good and sound advice. To help support these athletes, the commander of the PDG is happy to collaborate with the Swiss Olympic Medical Center at the Clinique romande de réadaptation, which acts as partner in training advice for the 'patrouilleurs' in 2016.


Basically, during the months preceding the Patrouille, the Swiss Olympic Medical Center supplies practical information regarding crucial aspects of race preparation :

  • Ski-mountaineering endurance training and development
  • Training at high altitude
  • Nutrition of the Patrouilleur
  • Specific ski-mountaineering strength training
  • Time and stress management for the race preparation


These articles are available on the  PDG, Swiss Olympic Medical Center, and the CRR FaceBook pages and also on the CRR's Internet site.

Public conference - Monday 22nd February 2016

In addition to these articles, a public conference is organised at the Clinique romande de réadaptation regarding these topics in an interactive manner and win presence of a sports doctor and of specialists in the training and physical condition fields.


Presentations of this evening

Patrouille des Glaciers et apports énergétiques, un cas d’étude

Caroline Praz, PhD en sciences de la vie


Patrouille des Glaciers et apports énergétiques, les recommandations actuelles 

Valérie Ducommun, diététicienne HES ASDD


Affûtage précompétitif  

Arnaud Rapillard, MSc en sciences du sport


Entraînement de la force pour le ski-alpinisme  

Michäel Duc, MSc en sciences du sport





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